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Watch Introduction Video

Watch Introduction Video

We are committed to Campus Safety!

Our cloud-driven solutions equip colleges with the tools needed to excel in safety management, fostering an environment conducive to learning and growth.

The Ultimate Solution for Compliance and Accuracy

CIRTrac™, short for “CRIME INCIDENT REPORT TRACKING”, is a cloud-based, dynamic, and low-cost solution to easily capture and assemble the documentation necessary to house your Clery Act compliance program.

Every educational institution in the United States accepting federal financial aid is required to comply with the Clery Act. CIRTrac™ provides your institution with many options that make Clery Act compliance easy.

Simplify Compliance with our Cutting-edge features.

CIRTrac™ empowers Campus Security Authorities to effortlessly track and compile all the necessary information, including automatic notification to Clery personnel when a crime incident report is entered.

Available 24.7/365 days-a-year! Data is always available.

Geographic Tagging

Geographic tagging of crime locations for visual tracking of all crimes providing a real-time unfolding visual depiction of your campus(es) issues for added safety.

Travel Log

An online Travel Log where campus partners can enter completed travel as well as timely warning, emergency notification(s) and missing student templates that are trauma informed and can be completed and issued within seconds.

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